A&DS Corporate Strategy 2021 – Consultation

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Throughout 2020 Architecture and Design Scotland has been developing its new Corporate Strategy – due to launch in early 2021 and last for 10 years. While developing our strategy, we have met with a number of individuals and organisations with an interest in how we create our places. From these meetings we collected learning and insight. This insight has influenced our Corporate Strategy as it stands today, where our focus will be to make the Place Principle become a reality in shaping our built environment. The strategy is still in draft format, but we would like your input on our proposal.

This is a short presentation of where we have got to at this point:

(Click here to access a plain text version of the video which outlines the current draft. If you require any other format or transcript of this video please get in touch by emailing info@ads.org.uk)

When you have watched the video we would like to ask you three questions:

  • What has changed in your world this year?
  • Does what we propose will support your work?
  • Do you believe what we propose will help make the changes that can get the Place Principle working for us all.

Click on this link to answer these questions alongside a few questions about yourself. All your answers will be treated in confidence.

A&DS Business Plan 2017/18

A&DS Business Plan for 2017/18 outlining the activities we will undertake to achieve our corporate objectives.

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