Stalled Spaces Scotland projects gets off the ground

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Communities get together to help revitalise town centres across Scotland as Stalled Spaces Scotland programme gets off the ground.

Projects including an outdoor gym, dog training events, wildflower meadows, fruit growing and a pop up market place, are beginning to spring up across the country thanks to Stalled Spaces Scotland – a Legacy2014 programme delivered by Architecture and Design Scotland (A&DS) and supported by the Scottish Government.

Stalled Spaces Scotland is currently supporting seven local authorities to run their own programmes to encourage local communities to bring derelict and vacant land back to temporary use to benefit communities and revitalise town centres across Scotland.

Angus, Argyll and Bute, East Dunbartonshire, East Renfrewshire, Fife, North Ayrshire and Renfrewshire are all participating in the Stalled Spaces Scotland Programme. Each local authority has matched the funding provided by the central Stalled Spaces Scotland fund and have developed their own programmes. There has already been a number of projects funded during the first round however communities can submit innovative ideas for projects in the second round of funding. More detail of each programme and local application deadlines is available here.

Drawing learning from the award winning Stalled Spaces initiative led by Glasgow City Council, Architecture and Design Scotland has been providing support and guidance for local authorities across Scotland to develop their own local Stalled Spaces Scotland initiatives.

To align with the Scottish Government’s Town Centre Action Plan and the Town Centre First Principle the programme primarily looks at stalled spaces located within town centres to empower people to bring these spaces back into positive use for the benefit for the whole community.

Karen Anderson, Chair of A&DS said

With the national Stalled Spaces Scotland programme we are delighted to support communities to reactivate vacant or derelict spaces within town centres all across Scotland.

Anyone looking for further information on how to get involved with the project please contact


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