St Margaret’s Academy: Plan for Our Schools Grounds

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An animation has been created to show the outcome of a series of participation workshops run by the Schools Programme, in collaboration with Grounds for Learning (GfL), looking at improving the school grounds at St Margaret’s Academy in West Lothian.

It is an animated version of the Action Plan which was created as a record of ideas for the school to implement. The short video takes you through students’ and teachers’ ideas as well as introducing some of the practicalities about how they might work once installed.

The aim of the animation is to engage and inspire those people involved in improving school grounds.

A short film has also been produced featuring the presentations of two pupil’s to the West Lothian Education Executive Committee about their experiences of the project and the benefits that they’ve seen arising for the school and its community.

View this video on Spark here.

Animation by Sam Booth

Music credit:
”Goodbye War, Hello Peace” by teru is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence.

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