Six Solid Examples… Solid Timber Laminate Systems

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In preparation for our Solid Timber Laminate Systems Event on 21st September we re-present 6 of our Case Studies which feature these timber technologies.

thumb_8862_John Hope 2
John Hope Gateway at Edinburgh Botanic Gardens by Edwards Cullinan Architects features Cross Laminated Timber floors and roofs and decorative Glu-Lam Beams.

Acharacle School in Ardnamurchan by Gaia Architects is one of only two projects in Scotland to utilise Brettstappel a solid timber system that uses neither glue or nails.

web_4.1_DSC0948 copy
The often confusingly titled Timber House near Inverness by John Gilbert Architects is constructed from 95mm thick cross laminated timber panels.

The flower house
The Flower House, also near Inverness by SHS Burridge Architects is formed using a cross-laminated panel system precisely fabricated in the factory so that the house can be built quickly and accurately on site.

Huntly Crescent in Raploch, Stirling by Anderson Bell Christie was first mixed-use retail/housing development of mass timber construction in Scotland (See main article image for interior shot)

Arcadia Nursery by Malcom Fraser Architects. Image: Angus Bremner

And at Arcadia Nursery, on an Edinburgh University site by Malcolm Fraser Architects Cross Laminated Timber was used to provide a warm, tactile interior,while also being able to structurally achieve the clear roof volumes required to ensure the mezzanine spaces were not compromised.

Image Credits:

John Hope Gateway – Matt Laver Photography, Acharacle School – Gaia Group, Timber House – John Gilbert Architects, The Flower House – Ewen Weatherspoon and Aaron Sheddon, Huntly Crescent – Anderson Bell Christie, Arcadia Nursery – Angus Bremner.


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