Shawlands Academy Participation Project

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The Schools Programme in collaboration with Glasgow City Council have been working with students from Shawlands Academy with the aim of engaging them in the design of future improvements to their school’s façade. The five workshops, facilitated by visual artist Rachel Mimiec, Collective Architecture and A+DS, were run in October and November and involved 12 students.

Participants investigated and assessed the potential of the school’s frontage and its place within the local landscape and examined examples of local, national and international inspiring facades. The workshops then encouraged students to experiment with public art and lighting as approaches to improving the school’s façade and engaged them in developing a considered vision for what they felt were the most important changes to be made to the school’s frontage.

Sessions were designed to raise students’ aspirations for the quality and design of the school’s frontage as well as deliver Curriculum for Excellence through active learning in a real-life context.

Participants created visual information boards in their final workshop, which included ideas relating to how they felt about the building currently, how they’d like the front of the school to look and feel like, and their ideas for public art and lighting strategies.

These boards were then collated and the main ideas and concepts extracted to form a visual brief for the school’s façade, which can be viewed under the ‘Related Resources’ section on this page.


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