Senses of Place: Building Excellence Programme

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The ‘Senses of Place’ programme, funded directly by the Scottish Government and until recently run by the Lighthouse Trust, has been integrated into the Schools Design Programme at A&DS.

The ‘Senses of Place: Building Excellence’ programme have a remit to raise aspirations for the quality of school design and its importance in delivering a Curriculum for Excellence, and to raise aspirations for the delivery of Curriculum for Excellence by engaging users in real school builds, and putting users at the heart of design.

This recent integration is of significant benefit to both programmes, continuing to develop a joined up programme of work which reflects the experiences of both participation and the design process.

Already the combined programme is working with two local authorities to raise the profile of the user groups in live projects. The outcomes have not only brought about integration of user consultation into a project brief, but also show how the process of school design can enable pupils to fulfil their learning experiences and outcomes within the four capacities of the Curriculum for Excellence.

Currently we are developing a timeline – in conjunction with a real build project – which maps the participation process from initial brief stage through to detailed building plans and contract. Some of this process will be available to share on Smarter Places website in due course.

SERVICE: Design Advice for Schools

A&DS offers a design support to education authorities offering an external view, peer support, facilitation and learning networks.

20 Inspiring Learning Spaces

A leaflet summarising the learning from 20 individual Inspiring Please Spaces projects, supporting the Inspiring Learning Spaces publication.

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