School Design Support Service – Information Sheet

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Download: School Design Support Service Offer Oct 2018

Service offer

A&DS offers a Design Support Service to education authorities to assist in briefing and option stages of school investment and design.


The service is focused on client support. It works at three points in the project development cycle:

  • Project initiation: engaging users and stakeholders to map a full spectrum of need. Outputs are captured as a design statement, which sets out needs, objectives and qualitative criteria for the project.
  • Pre-design team appointment: a review of the emerging design brief against the needs and criteria established in the design statement are captured in a summary note.
  • Post-design team appointment: a peer review of the emerging design ideas, drawing on A&DS expertise, against the design statement. Output is in the form of a Design Assessment to evaluate the effectiveness of the proposals.


  • A clear audit trail of user and stakeholder engagement at an early stage
  • A framework and language of shared priorities reviewed at key decision making stages
  • An effective and robust format for briefing and challenging design development post appointment
  • External support and advice, drawing on the experience of A&DS

Public Sector Client Forum

To promote wider learning and supporting capacity building in the built environment A&DS initiated a forum for Public Sector Clients in 2014.

Schools Estate – Examples (2016)

A document containing examples of how schools teams across Scotland are responding to the curriculum for excellence in the learning estate,

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