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Architecture and Design Scotland (A&DS) were pleased to be part of the launch of the Retrofit Scotland website, on 12th November at Base Glasgow. A collaboration between: A&DS; BRE; Edinburgh Napier University; Historic Scotland; and Scotland’s 2020 Climate group; Retrofit Scotland has been established to disseminate best practice in refurbishment throughout Scotland. Director of the A&DS Sust. Programme Lori McElroy spoke at the launch about the importance of having such a resource in Scotland as we are in danger of valuable retrofit knowledge being lost.

The Retrofit Scotland website provides an information source for Local Authorities, Housing Associations, and Professionals involved in refurbishment projects. Concerned that pre-existing research and studies were not being used to inform current projects Retrofit Scotland have collated case studies of previous retrofit projects, with the aim of highlighting elements of projects which have been successful and elements which did not meet up to their planned intentions. The resources section also contains: tools to aid Professionals in refurbishment projects; information related to retrofit projects including test methodologies and research papers; and a collection of feasibility studies. The website will also keep visitors up to date with all news and events with regards to retrofit initiatives in Scotland.

The Retrofit Scotland website will be an ongoing national resource with the aim of keeping up to date with projects throughout Scotland, so if you have any case studies or information you would like to submit please get in touch via or through the Retrofit Scotland website


Introducing Climate Action Towns

Following on from the Designing for a Changing Climate Pilot A&DS will deliver a programme of support to Climate Action Towns across Scotland

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