Remodelling Home @ Scotland’s Housing Expo

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Remodelling Home took place at Scotland’s Housing Expo in 2010. The project was created for the Expo by Claystation, in collaboration with Sust., Architecture + Design Scotland’s Sustainability in Architecture Programme. Claystation is a mass-participation format for public consultation aiming to promote new thinking in design through symbolic, virtual, physical and scenario modelling.


The aim of the project was to give visitors of all ages to the Expo the opportunity to design their own house in plasticine for fun and serious debate. By playfully creating new design, Remodelling Home raised awareness of the role that our built environment plays in our lives, encouraging those who live and work in Scotland and beyond, to both take a closer look at the houses and spaces around them, and to be active in their rethinking and redesigning.


The Claystation team consciously chose plasticine over other media because of its ease of use and evocative childhood qualities and design industries qualities. Plasticine is a highly redolent of childhood, and synonymous with the unfettered playful experimentation and modelling of youth.

The modelling element of the project was complemented by a small exhibition exploring a brief history of housing types traditional to Scotland. Visitors were encouraged to draw on the ideas and historical presidents explored in the exhibition, alongside their own personal experiences from their visit to the housing Expo site, to go on and design their dream Expo home.

The Remodelling Home process went as follows:

There’s a giant site map of the Expo spread out in front of you. There’s half a tonne of modelling clay to your left. Here’s your change to design your very own dream Expo house just the way you’d like it and then locate it just where you want it. What would you build and where would you build it?

Step 1 – Explore Scotland’s Housing Expo
Step 2 – View the Remodelling Home Exhibition
Step 3 – Choose an Expo Show House plot
Step 4 – Fill out Planning Consent Form describing what you plan to design or alter and why
Step 5 – Take a lump of clay, some tools & a set of instructions
Step 6 – Design and build your own Expo Show House
Step 7 – Photograph the design for posterity
Step 8 – Choose where you would like to build your house
Step 9 – View the outcomes of the event at the blog, twitter and flickr.

The Expo attracted over 33,000 visitors from across Scotland and the rest of the world. Over 3500 of these visitors participated in the Remodelling Home project, creating 760 prototype designs. A number of these creative outputs were exhibited at The Lighthouse, Scotland’s Centre for Architecture and Design, in March 2011. The story of the whole project has been documented in the Remodelling Home publication, which can be downloaded on the right hand side.

Claystation – Remodelling Home was a timely opportunity for visitors to Scotland’s Housing Expo to take control and collectively reshape Scotland’s homes, streets, towns and cities, and propose a new participatory model of housing for Scotland in the 21st century. To this end, the Remodelling Home publication also includes a data analysis of the 760 completed designs. The results are as follows:

The most popular housing type was croft housing (a small agricultural landholding with a modest longhouse of a type traditionally occupied by tenant farmers).


The majority of houses were detached rather than a flat or semi-detached and were between 1 and 2 bed houses.


The preferred architectural style was contemporary rather than traditional design.


A key design issue that was identified by participants was the need for greenery.


Remodelling Home Exhibition

Remodelling Home gave visitors of all ages to the Expo an opportunity to design their own house in plasticine for fun and serious debate.

Remodelling Home Publication

The Remodelling Home publication presents the creative processes and outcomes of the Remodelling Home project.

Scotland’s Housing Expo 2010 Book

Scotland’s first ever Housing Expo took place in Inverness throughout August 2010 and showcased innovative, sustainable housing and placemaking.

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