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The Remodelling Home publication presents the creative processes and outcomes of the Remodelling Home project, which took place at Scotland’s Housing Expo in 2010 and was subsequently exhibited at The Lighthouse, Scotland’s Centre for Architecture and Design in March 2011. Claystation created this bespoke project for the Housing Expo in collaboration with Sust. Architecture and Design Scotland’s Sustainability in Architecture programme.


Remodelling Home Exhibition

Remodelling Home gave visitors of all ages to the Expo an opportunity to design their own house in plasticine for fun and serious debate.

Introducing Climate Action Towns

Following on from the Designing for a Changing Climate Pilot A&DS will deliver a programme of support to Climate Action Towns across Scotland

A&DS Corporate Plan 2021-24

This is our Corporate Plan for 2021-24, outlining how we aim to work to deliver our Corporate Strategy.

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