Reflections on Introducing ABC ROUTES exhibition by NADFLY

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Say Hello to Architecture - #hello2arch

Introducing ABC ROUTES was on show at the A&DS Gallery at The Lighthouse from December 2016 – January 2017. In this short post NADFLY reflect on their experience of the exhibition:

Exhibiting our show ‘Introducing ABC ROUTES’ at The Lighthouse with has been a wonderful opportunity to work with Architecture & Design Scotland, and a fantastic conclusion to a project that NADFLY is very proud of.

ABC ROUTES is a participatory artwork by NADFLY in the town of Markinch, Fife, Scotland. Between February and September 2016, twenty-six routes indicated by artist-designed traffic signs have appeared and disappeared in sets each month. Each route has a glyph – an intricate hand-drawn design with an individual colour – that can be discovered from sign to sign in a journey through the town.

Bringing a survey of work for exhibition has allowed us to show ABC ROUTES to a new audience in Glasgow. With so many visitors to the gallery, we’ve had conversations with individuals from all over the world. An installation of signs, a glyph mural, photographs and several projected videos gave a concentrated impression and a way to reimagine the work in a gallery context.

The message that comes through from talking to visitors to the gallery is the enthusiasm so many people have for bringing change to their built environment. The streets we walk down in the towns where we live are the essential fabric of our lives, and empowering communities to reimagine these spaces is a route to inspiration and discovery of both our exterior world and interior self.

ABC ROUTES integrates art into the built environment in a truly ground breaking way that understands wayfinding, behaviour change and street design as emerging from the motivations of inspiration and curiosity. NADFLY is very proud of having developed, produced and delivered this landmark in participatory art with the kind and generous support of Fife Council, Sustrans and Markinch Community Council, and our exhibition supported by A&DS.

Say Hello to Architecture - #hello2arch

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