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For two weeks in October 2010, 148 students of architecture, fine art, photography and sculpture from both the Glasgow School of Art and the University of Strathclyde formed 19 groups with the objective of rediscovering ‘public space’ within Glasgow’s inner city.

The project, initiated by the ACCESS programme of Architecture + Design Scotland, took inspiration from the themes of Cedric Price’s work which strove to democratise public space, empowering people to influence the world around them, and activiate public space through facilitating temporary functions whilst inserting an element of fun wherever possible.

The outcome from this exercise was 19 interventions devised to highlight forgotten areas of significance, challenge public perceptions of parts of their city and suggest imaginative opportunities for engagement between people and the built environment.

The Reclaiming Public Space newspaper is now available for collection from the Cedric Price: Think the Unthinkable exhibition currently on display on Level 2 of the Lighthouse until 3rd September. The exhibition celebrates the legacy of free thinking that Cedric Price brought to architecture and design and explores the enduring relevance of two of his most famous proposals in greater detail.

You can read more about the Reclaiming Space Project immediately

click here to download a pdf copy of the Reclaiming Public Space newspaper.


P is for Public_Group 04


Dust and Demolition_Group 08


Funny Diversion_ Group 12

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