Re-Casting Modernism Seminar

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The Re-Casting Modernism seminar took place on the 17 March 2015 and was part of an events programme aligned to the exhibition Scotland + Venice which ran at The Lighthouse from 6 February until 18 March 2015. The seminar was chaired by Ranald MacInnes, Head of Heritage Management, Historic Scotland.

This publication summarises key elements and links to films from each of the six speakers who made presentations at the seminar. Additionally there is an overview essay by writer Owen Hatherley.

The publication contains links to the films of the presentations and there are also direct links below the publication.


Introduction to the Re-Casting Modernism seminar: Ranald MacInnes, Head of Heritage Management Historic Scotland and Lori EcEvoy, Head of Sust. and Sccess Programes, Architecture and Design Scotland


Haggerston School: John Allan, Consultant, Avanti Architects


Why EK Modernism Matters?: Silvia Grace Borda, Artist


Reclaiming the Future: Angus Farquhar, Creative Director, NVA


Byker: Emerging Community and Conservation: Craig Wilson


Bridgegate House: Fiona McNeil, Ian Springford Architects

It Does Exactly What It Says On the Formwork: Remo Pedreschi, Professor of Architectural Technology, ESALA


Re-Casting Modernism seminar: Q+A

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