Pupils Build Labyrinth for National Theatre of Scotland

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A&DS have run an exciting workshop in Kingsford Primary School in Aberdeen. The school is taking part in the National Theatre of Scotland Extreme Arts Project and A&DS have teamed up with them to deliver the architecture input they were looking for.

The NTS project is inspired by the story of Icarus and Deadalus and will culminate in a major theatre production in April 2011 for which they will be building a set. A&DS worked with the 240 children of Kingsford School to build a large-scale model of this set.

In the shape of a labyrinth, the model was large enough for the children to play in and it’s design and the materials used were inspired by the ethos and ideals of Cedric Price.

Built from push-fit plumbing materials and debris netting the labyrinth is moveable and will appear in different locations throughout the next six months. It will be transformed into something else in February when students at Bridge of Don Academy get their hands on it!

Results and processes of the workshops involved in this project will be showcased in an exhibition that opens at the end of March.


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