SERVICE: Design Advice for Public Investment Projects

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We provide design advice for public investment projects. We do this to help ensure that projects are driven by quality design and that the investment improves the way we deliver public services.

Working with the client, project team and planning authorities, we help:

  • The client identify the full potential of the site and the project,
  • ensure that the project has the best urban design, landscape design and engineering solutions
  • and that the investment delivers value to the community

Who is it for?

Architecture and Design Scotland  works with partners involved in public investment projects, including City Deal teams. We facilitate workshops with the relevant partners, including project team and the planning authorities.

We provide advice to public sector clients to help them improve the quality and value for money. Developments include transport infrastructure, public buildings such as Higher and Further Education and major city deal investments.

How we can help

We bring partners together, usually through workshops. We can also draw on the experience of our Design Forum panel members. The Panel members represent expertise from a variety of backgrounds. We also bring examples of similar successful projects to help steer the direction of the project.

In recent years this work has supported:

  • the design of an energy from waste plan,
  • council offices,
  • major road and foot bridges and the A9.

Get in touch

If you are involved in a public investment project and would like our support, please contact us. For projects on schools and health we offer separate services.


What You Said

“The input from the A&DS team… resulted in several refinements and adjustments of the initial designs all aimed at achieving the goals we set ourselves […] While the project is an infrastructure intervention, the challenge to prove that it could add to the following development opportunities and contribute to the overall sense of publicly accessible space and drive good quality private sector design was a positive experience for the City Deal team and aided the progression of the project.”

City Deal team at Renfrewshire Council


OUR WORK: Empowering Communities

A&DS supports communities, providing advice and support and we promote the benefits of community engagement and share examples of good work.

Millerhill RERC

Recycling and Energy Recovery Centre (RERC) at Millerhill, Midlothian


Masterplan and design code for new housing at Cammo

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