Public Sector Client Forum: Rural Futures

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29-03-2022 - 29-03-2022 10:00 - 13:00 Online EventView on map

As Rural economies emerge from COVID-19 facing a series of challenges, some old some new, this event looks at how the key institutions that guide our places can work together to solve the issues affecting our local economies.

The Public Sector Client Forum is a place for public sector leaders to gather and learn how colleagues across the UK are taking innovative place-based approaches. We look at built environment strategies taking data-led approaches, harnessing investments to transform the local economy into a more equitable, climate resilient place.

Building on our previous successes, the Public Sector Client Forum facilitates this discussion, and will act as a meeting point for rural stakeholders’ keen to add value to their places, build capacity and showcase the ambitions of their places to a national stage.

We will hold three panel sessions covering investments, housing and climate change.

Session 1: Climate and 20-minute neighbourhoods.
Rural areas are distinct places. They must preserve and build on their natural character, while finding new ways to enhance the connection of the surrounding rural nodes – both digitally and physically. This session aims to look at ways we can connect rural places natural capital with climate resilience and local regeneration.

Session 2: Housing
Retrofitting and prioritising the key areas of growth in our villages and rural locales is crucial for meeting the dual challenges of community and climate resilience. This session aims to look at delivering quality design and sustainable growth through the key rural public sector institutions.

Session 3: Investments
How can data resources and digital rollout drive smarter investments for our communities? This discussion looks at how our rural anchor institutions can harness their collective knowledge for climate resilient, community-centred regeneration and investment.

How do our rural communities meet the challenges for the future? This forum will brings professionals together to discuss our places.

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