Quality and Efficiency – Primary Care, Reference Design Lessons

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Health and Social Care is changing rapidly. Imagining new ways of working and a place that can support them is a difficult task; one that most client teams tackle just once. They do this in a context of uncertainty as people are asked to join together, setting aside barriers and territories, with financial constraints that can cause anxiety about the quality of environment expected at the end of the process. Often these teams learn in isolation from others tackling similar issues, and build solely on local experience.

This publication is intended to help client groups and their partners in their learning, and establish clear expectations in terms of the quality and affordability of the resultant proposals.

The designs and ideas on the following pages are the result of a reference design study which built upon recent good practice from across Scotland, and elsewhere, testing what could be achieved in a real context. The designs were developed through dialogue and engagement with stakeholder groups by two architecture practices who were each tasked with providing creative responses to the new service agenda. These responses had to meet the quality expectations established by Government as well as being delivered within affordability constraints. The proposals are not intended to be used as strict templates to be repeated across the country. The diversity in scale and nature of projects being commissioned would make this impracticable, even if it were desirable.The publication therefore includes:

  • Design Lessons: replicable ideas and elements from the designs to support briefing and appraisal of future projects.
  • Process Lessons: learning from the streamlined appointment procedure adopted, and the methods of engagement with stakeholders.
  • Performance Measures: establishing area and financial benchmarks for similar developments to aid clients in assessing value for money.

Through the careful consideration and application of such ideas, we can develop affordable facilities that meet the Quality Ambitions for NHSScotland, supporting the community now and into the future.

The publication was produced in association with the Scottish Futures Trust, the Scottish Government, Health Facilities Scotland, Hub West Scotland and Architecture + Design Scotland.

Quality and Efficiency – Value for money lessons and performance measures from the Primary Care Reference Design Project can be downloaded below.

SCIM Supporting Guidance can be found here

Implementation of Performance Metrics for Primary Health Care

Value for Money (VFM) Scorecard (Excel spreadsheet – opens in new window)

The Stage C Reports for each practice are available from the SFT website:


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