Making a difference in practice: From small acorns

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Since 2017 we have helped schools, from the Borders to the Highlands, to adapt their existing spaces for new ways of learning. We ran ‘space hacks’ with teachers and pupils to test and build a shared vision of how the spaces could be adapted.

In some, the young people then became involved in making the changes happen in their school. Taking part in the process helped them grow in confidence and form a wider view of their future careers.

We have some spectacular new schools around the country. However, I wonder if the learning spaces are as inventive and creative as the spaces we have created in conjunction with our pupils? We have some spaces that are unique to our school, that you couldn’t necessarily take anywhere else and I think that’s the point… we were able to use some of the strategies and approaches alongside the expertise… so that we have a building that suits us, that suits our school and suits our needs.

Adapting a public building such as a school – rather than replacing it – keeps it at the heart of the community, with local people able to walk there and use local businesses en route. This is healthier for people, the environment and the economy, and helps tackle climate change by reducing the need to travel and the demand for new raw materials.

This is one of the short stories featured in our Corporate Strategy for 2021-31.
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Image description: Three young school pupils from Our Lady of The Missions, East Renfrewshire, with furniture they designed in collaboration with Flux Studios. There is a green banner with the words Making a difference in practice and the hashtag Great Places Scotland

Image credit: Lenny Warren

Updated: March 2021

A&DS Corporate Plan 2021-24

This is our Corporate Plan for 2021-24, outlining how we aim to work to deliver our Corporate Strategy.

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