Making a difference in practice: Leading new thinking

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Growing out of our work on design advice, we undertook a one-year pilot study with local authorities during 2019-20, testing a place-based approach to tackling the climate emergency. The work was funded by the Scottish Government’s Energy and Climate Change Directorate and contributes to the delivery of Scotland’s Climate Change Plan.

Working with communities in places as diverse as Shetland, Strathard, Elgin and Glasgow, we captured and shared the learning from this. Our eight principles of Carbon Conscious Places made national TV, raising public awareness of the importance of place and its central role in tackling the climate emergency.

We can develop, we can build and we can encourage people to be living in a carbon conscious way and we can make it easier.

This is one of the short stories featured in our Corporate Strategy for 2021-31.
Read the full document here.

Image description: A room with people sitting around round tables listening to a presentation. In the background there is a large window overlooking a loch and beyond that a hillside. There is a green banner with the words Making a difference in practice and the hashtag Great Places Scotland. 

Image credit: A&DS

Updated: March 2021

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