Making a difference in practice: Forging a common purpose

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We collaborated with partners in Alloa using a range of tools to help bring about a lasting transformation. We explored the wider changes needed so that older people could live well in the town centre and helped develop the design of new supported-living flats to improve the experience of those who will live there.

Through this project, we have found that the crux has been in true partnership working and wider community engagement. When considering multigenerational housing in a town centre, it is good to engage with those who are already working with local older people, those with dementia and with disabilities.

We know that no project succeeds in isolation. Our work supports the collaborative development of strategies which link planning, services and investment. This enables the right development in the right place to support the needs of the community.

This is one of the short stories featured in our Corporate Strategy for 2021-31.
Read the full document here.

Image description:
Two elderly women have a ride on a Trishaw while a Cycling Without Age volunteer cycles them through a row of trees  brimming with pink blossoms. There is a green banner with the words Making a difference in practice and the hashtag Great Places Scotland

Image credit: Courtesy of Cycling Without Age.

Updated: March 2021

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