SERVICE: Place Planning for Decarbonisation

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Climate change is one of the biggest issues facing Scotland and the world today. How we plan, design and develop places has a significant impact on our ability to respond to a changing climate and reduce carbon emissions. If we design places to be more climate and carbon considerate, we can also make them healthier, greener and more inclusive and this helps improve the quality of lives of the people living there.

To support the Scottish Government’s commitment to tackle climate change and achieve a target of net-zero carbon by 2045, Architecture and Design Scotland is working with the Scottish Government Climate Change Division. Through this work, we will be initially supporting a small number of selected Local Authorities to develop spatial plans for places which prioritise this agenda.

During the initial project phase the project aims to:

  • work with the selected Local Authorities to support workshops and provide design advice to help develop their plans, taking a ‘whole systems approach’.
  • host a Public Sector Client Forum in March 2020 on the ‘decarbonising places’ theme.
  • produce a final report on the project (ready in Autumn 2020), offering transferable lessons to others on place planning for decarbonisation.

How we can help

We are currently working with the selected Local Authorities however we would still like to hear from other Local Authorities initiating spatial plans for areas, interested in this area of work. In addition, we would be interested in hearing from other organisations with initiatives or activities helping design more climate and carbon considerate places.

Please get in touch with us:

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