PLACEMaking 2012 edition published

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The 2012 edition of the annual publication PLACEMaking has now been published. It features an article on how visioning initiatives by Architecture and Design Scotland are seeking to build better briefs to deliver better places.

PLACEmaking is RUDI’s flagship publication which features case studies, analysis, comment and views from across the placemaking community focusing on creating economically, environmentally and socially viable places that people enjoy spending time in.

The Urbanism team at A&DS have been working with planning authorities and communities across Scotland on a number of case studies to explore what visionary and ambitious plans are, and how they can be achieved.

In relation to the development of better briefs A&DS have learned that:-

  • to make visioning work we needed to develop new skills: learning how to listen, how to capture conversations, and how to ‘shape’ outcomes by using the listening.
  • a key starting point for shaping briefs is not about identifying a schedule of tasks or items. It’s more like a brief for the life people want to lead.
  • to make this work, we need to participate in shaping that brief authentically – not to superimpose words or superimpose policy – but to carry that authenticity through the planning process and into the decision-making stages.

The article focuses on one of the case studies, the Stirling City Vision, which was developed in partnership with Stirling Council. This example outlines how the approach can work.

You can view PLACEMaking 2012 below, or access it here.


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