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The issues of ‘place’ and ‘placemaking’ are central to the reform of the Scottish Planning System. Place and infrastructure form a key element of the recently published Scottish Government Economic Strategy. Thinking about place and delivering better places is challenging. The recent ‘Delivering Better Places’ research suggests to deliver better places in Scotland, better integration of the processes of ‘marketmaking’ and ‘placemaking’ are important. Central to all of this is a simple question: what kind of places are we trying to create?

Since 2009, the Urbanism team at A+DS have been working with five planning authorities and communities across Scotland to explore what visionary and ambitious plans are, and how they can be achieved. This work took the form of partnership working on place visioning, using a variety of participatory techniques. The results of these exercises have been written up by Andrew Guest to share learning as a series of short reports:

The visioning exercises worked at different scales of place, from strategic development plan scale to small city, small town and city district. The case study areas are:

• Strategic Development Plan: Tayplan
• Small city and Local Development Plan: Stirling
• Small city and Local Development Plan: Inverness [consultation draft] [committee report]
• Small town: Neilston Charter
• City district: Edinburgh Waterfront and Leith

The hyperlink in each of the case studies will bring you to the output of the visioning exercises.

Working between visioning and planmaking at the various scales was a useful exercise for all participants. A+DS learned much from both the process and the partners. We are keen to learn more and get your feedback on the reports. We will use this feedback to inform the development of a final visioning report in Spring 2012, which will take the form of a Visioning resource pack, providing a range of techniques to develop a visioning approach in your place.

We are very grateful to the Planning Authorities and communities in the case study areas for your support, challenge and participation in the process.

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