Place Visioning Case Studies published on Scottish Government website

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The Scottish Government has published a series of ‘visioning’ case studies, facilitated by A&DS, which are available at and which include:

  • TAYplan – Visioning at the regional scale
  • Stirling – Visioning at whole Council area scale
  • Inverness – Visioning at the Scale of a Small City
  • Neilston – Visioning at the small town scale
  • Edinburgh (Waterfront / Leith) – Visioning at an area scale

Issues of ‘place’ and ‘placemaking’ are central to the modernisation of the Scottish planning system, and the recent Ministerial statement regarding the next steps of planning reform noted that plans should be about ‘people and place’ rather than policy compendia, with a greater focus on collaborative place making. Through its Urbanism programme A&DS has been working with planning authorities and communities across Scotland to explore what visionary and ambitious plans are, and how they can be achieved. Central to this is a simple question: what kind of places are we trying to create?

The 5 case studies are extracted from a visioning report produced by Andrew Guest which is available here.


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