Seeding Regeneration in Port Dundas

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“The review process was incredibly helpful and genuinely helped inform the design development in a positive way. The milestone based approach was particularly useful, allowing for focus at the right scale at the right time.”

“The time, effort and contribution from the Panel and staff was considerable; and of significant worth. Together, the constructive approach has really shaped our project for the better.” – Developer for 100 Acre Hill.

What did we do?

A&DS helped Glasgow City Council, Glasgow Canal Regeneration Partnership and BIGG Regeneration in their discussions with designers when translating the ideas and outcomes of the 2014 design charrette for the Port Dundas area of Glasgow into site-specific policy and deliverable proposals. We led a series of Design Forum workshops that helped distill and focus thinking in the production of masterplanning at two levels. Firstly an area-wide Framework addressing the regeneration of Port Dundas as a whole and linking to public realm and City Deal infrastructure investments. Then a detailed site masterplan for the first major chunk of mixed use development on the canal frontage and the ascending platforms of the former Diageo site known as 100 Acre Hill. The site will also incorporate a major public art project known as the Land Art Generator Initiative or LAGI.

Outcomes Include:

  • A well-defined spatial policy and urban design framework linked to investment and delivery intent.
  • A much stronger definition of community needs and benefits.
  • Clarity on the critical role of public investment.
  • Design Coding to support the delivery of quality of development by third party designers.
  • A potential exemplar in the first phase of development.

How can this help me?

  • A&DS Design Forum provides support for planners, developers and designers when aligning placemaking policy, procurement constraints and community needs for significant development and regeneration sites.
  • Experience is growing on the value for significant regeneration initiatives of the new Place Standard tool‎.
  • A&DS is providing support to Pathfinder organisations to pilot sector-specific applications of the Place Standard. For more information contact
  • Application of the Place Standard tool is now also being used in relation to housing investment. A Place Standard Case study, to be published shortly, will highlight application by Riverclyde Homes at Broomhill, Inverclyde.

Image credit: HTA Design

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