Place Challenge 2015 Blog: A Welcome to Angus

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As part of a series of Place Challenge Blogs Angus Council got ready to welcome the Place Challenge 2015 (28-29 October)

Angus welcomes the participants from all over Scotland, with a variety of backgrounds, to Arbroath for the two day event.  It could have been any town, anywhere, and we hope that you make it your own town for the two days.

“Challenge” is something that many towns are facing just now for lots of different reasons, in fact, mostly the same reasons so this opportunity to come together;  to learn and share ideas will mean that there is something for everyone.  To have the event on our own doorstep is a fantastic opportunity for Angus, and Arbroath has some pretty special characteristics that we want to share with you: Arbroath Abbey which was founded in 1178 sits to the top end of the High Street; the long…….really long……..winding High Street all the way down to the harbour where you cannot miss the aroma of the “Arbroath Smokie” (be sure to take some home).  We are fortunate to have great links to other areas; the train station, the road network to other towns within Angus and further a-field and other public transport services but we, like many others, want to invest in, invigorate and inspire town centres; reaching out to the place, realising the challenges and improving their future. Looking forward to welcoming those facing the same challenges, learning from them and putting plans into action.

Kirsty Macari

Senior Planning Officer, Angus Council

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