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A+DS has collaborated with Strategic Development Planning (SDP) Authorities to produce a video that invites greater citizen participation in plan making. Planning authorities wish to take an innovative approach to engagement, and the new generation of plans seek to capitalise upon the understanding and knowledge held by communities about where they live in order to produce more sustainable places.

Recent changes to Scotland’s planning system provide enhanced opportunities for people to get involved in plan making processes; recognising that everyone has a part to play in helping to shape their place.

At times, the idea of getting involved in strategic decision making about where development should locate may seem remote and abstract. This video attempts to bridge that gap, by using a visual format to prompt discussion about the types of places that people want, as big decisions stem from individual choices.

We all need different things to live our lives… in our way… in our place. Decisions we make about the sorts of places we want to create will have a lasting impact on future generations; with potential to enable or constrain people’s lives. As we plan ahead we need to recognise differing hopes and desires and ask: “what type of place do we want?”

The growth in social media, computing and communications technologies has provided the opportunity to have a more powerful voice and influence. The video invites participation and suggests different ways to engage in plan making; critically, in ways that suit individuals or community groups (a range of techniques and methods available to communities is summarised below).

The video is supported by a resource pack that includes a PowerPoint and leaflet; each of which can be downloaded, with hard copies available on request. The Strategic Development Planning Authorities, Scottish Government and A+DS hope that these resources will be used to initiate discussions about the hopes and ambitions that people have for their lives… in their place.

Summary of engagement techniques and methods available to communities

SP=EED™ is Planning Aid for Scotland’s practical guide to effective engagement in planning. It aims to promote and help share good practice throughout the planning and built environment community in Scotland. SP=EED™ enables community groups, local authorities and private developers to engage more efficiently and more effectively with each other.
Placecheck is a method of assessing the qualities of a place, and focusing people on working together to achieve them
A+DS’s website offers a range of material in relation to making smarter places, healthier places, and visionary and ambitious plans.
A summary of projects and engagement methods:


(Credits: ‘the role of collaborative visioning in placemaking’, Nick Wright Planning)

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