Outdoor Learning Case Study: Liberton High School

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This resource is part of a study looking at what outdoor learning can mean in its widest form, taking the school as the hub from which learning radiates out into the school grounds, the immediate surroundings, the wider town and community, and even the wider world. If we start mapping these into learning environments, the classroom is no longer the only, or always the best place for learning.

A number of positive programmes of work have been established at Liberton High school which look to adopt an approach which builds progression into learning. Geography in particular has begun with work in the classroom and the immediate outdoor environment (school grounds), before taking the learning further afield into the local area (applying and adding to skills and knowledge). Finally, learning is taken into the wider environment on extended trips away from the school (e.g. Arthur’s Seat) where the pupils can further apply knowledge and skills gained. This is not regarded simply as a ‘day out’, but part of a carefully planned and structured learning progression.

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