Outdoor Learning Case Study: Hillpark Secondary School

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This resource is part of a study looking at what outdoor learning can mean in its widest form, taking the school as the hub from which learning radiates out into the school grounds, the immediate surroundings, the wider town and community, and even the wider world. If we start mapping these into learning environments, the classroom is no longer the only, or always the best place for learning.

The John Muir Award scheme has been a catalyst for developing outdoor learning at Hillpark Secondary School. It provided short term cross curricular targets, with an obvious need to work outdoors. It was also a way of allowing staff who had less confidence to work with the support of colleagues. Condensing the work into one week, and having a shared goal across curricular areas made the task a less daunting one. A Learning Support teacher, with strong support from the Senior Management team used the Award scheme to stimulate both pupil and staff engagement. For a week during summer term, all S1 pupils were put forward for the John Muir Award at Discover Level. Keeping to the existing timetable, teachers were asked to deliver lessons in support of the Award and were required to teach at least one period outside. The Learning Support teacher supported staff with suggested lesson plans linking the learning to the curriculum.

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