Outdoor Learning Case Study: Gairloch High School

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This resource is part of a study looking at what outdoor learning can mean in its widest form, taking the school as the hub from which learning radiates out into the school grounds, the immediate surroundings, the wider town and community, and even the wider world. If we start mapping these into learning environments, the classroom is no longer the only, or always the best place for learning.

Gairloch rents a building at Slattadale Forest, which is approximately 8 miles from Gairloch – a 20 minute drive in the school mini bus. Part of the building is sound and watertight, and offers classroom facilities, a kitchen and WC facilities. The other half is semi derelict, but in itself this offers the school a learning opportunity – a teacher has suggested the idea of getting pupils to come up with ideas of how they could develop Slattadale, and learn design skills in the process. The aim is for Slattadale to be a resource for all departments to enable them to take learning outdoors, and to open it up to associated primary schools or other visiting groups.

Carbon Conscious Towns Case Studies

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