Outdoor Learning – Design Case Studies: Berlin Playgrounds

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The Schools Programme commissioned Grounds for Learning to look at and document the widespread transformation of play spaces in schools, kindergartens and public parks in Berlin, Germany.

A series of 9 case studies were created which focus on different themes that were important factors in the spaces’ successes. Within each one there are examples and images from a variety of settings – schools, nurseries and public play parks – to show the variation and scope of the design ideas. All areas shown began life as flat, dull tarmac grounds but they demonstrate that it is possible to transform schoolyards into playgrounds.

The links to the case studies are below;

1. Choice

2. Risk and Challenge

3. Nature with a Capital N

4. Play Machines

5. Sand

6. Shade and Seating

7. Topography

8. Variety and Texture

9. Water

To view the case studies on Issuu, click here.


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