Our Natural Capital Programme

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Our Natural Capital is a partnership project for young people in Edinburgh. The purpose of the programme was to introduce the young people to ways of seeing the city, and share creative ways of telling the story of their experience.

Initiated by DaisyChain Asssociates, Circle Scotland and the Cockburn Association to build on achievements in ‘Saltire Sky’ and ‘Heritage Detectives’ projects in 2010/2011, Our Natural Capital invites young people from estates across the city to participate in a programme exploring aspects of built and natural heritage within Edinburgh’s remarkable cityscape. Edinburgh is a city of landscapes, and stories. The lives of people and the landscape are closely linked. These links shape the heritage of the city, and the values we use to make decisions about why the city, and its spaces are the way they are.

Over the programme, the young people experienced the nature and built environment of the city in a variety of ways; through workshops and outdoors exploring of archaeology, nature and history at Holyrood park; exploring peoples stories and the medical histories of the city with Emma Black at the Surgeons Hall; getting into unseen spaces at Edinburgh castle; a bus tour across the city with Edinburgh Bus Tours and investigating emerging natures with Liz Thomas of the Wasteland Collective along Calton Road near Waverley Station. Working with storyteller Claire Druett, and graphic facilitator Clare Mills, the young people built stories of their experience, making some sense of what natural capital means for them. At the last session, facilitated by Diarmaid Lawlor, Head of Urbanism at A&DS, they also suggested possible future stories for the city, one good, one bad, depending on how we make decisions about what we already have.

The young people have created a blog of their experiences, and learning. The blog is available to view here.
A visual map of the stories created, and experiences gathered has been also been created and is available to download here.

The project has also produced a learning resource pack which you are free to use as a tool to explore places and build your own stories. It is available here.

Our Natural Capital was operated by a network partnership of individuals and organisations :

  • A&DS
  • Circle Scotland
  • Daisychain Associates CICCA CIC
  • Surgeons Hall
  • Historic Scotland : Edinburgh Castle
  • Historic Scotland : Holyrood Park
  • Wasteland Collective
  • Scottish Natural Heritage
  • Cockburn association
  • Claire Druett
  • Clare Mills

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