Orkney Rural Design Conference

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Orkney Islands Council has hosted a major conference and training event in partnership with the Scottish Government on the planning and design of rural houses.

Speakers at the conference included local architects, the Scottish Government’s Chief Planner Jim McKinnon and A&DS Head of Urbanism Diarmaid Lawlor.

Speaking ahead of the event Orkney Islands Council Convener Stephen Hagan said:

We’re very pleased to have planning experts and officials from the Scottish Government, award winning Scottish architects and Highlands and Islands local authorities here, along with elected members, to share ideas and expertise on a wide range of planning and design issues.

“Orkney Islands Council is about to start on a substantial programme of building schools and health care facilities and council houses, so it’s also a very good time to be focussing on the importance of quality public architecture and sustainable approaches to buildings.

The conference focussed on issues related to improving the design of private houses in the countryside. The discussions at the conference also touched on Planning reform and rural design, sustainable approaches to house building and the understanding of settlement patterns.

Speaking at the conference A&DS Head of Urbanism Diarmaid Lawlor said:

the biggest challenge we have in front of us is to create a better ‘ordinary’. Most of our places are made up of many many ordinary things. It is the way they come together in the landscapes of Scotland that make them extraordinary. Climate change, and a commitment to good design can help us meet this important challenge’.

A sample of Diarmaid’s presentation can be seen below.


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