Ninewells Garden Room opens to the public

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Ninewells Leaf room

The Leaf Room by the Voigt Partnership was officially opened to the public by MSP Shona Robison on 11th November.  In 2015 The Forestry Commission Scotland and NHS Health Facilities Scotland ran a design competition for a ‘Garden Room’ at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee. The main aims of the brief was to create to provide a safe, accessible, and inclusive environment for gardening activities which encourages unity, identity, community spirit and partnerships, and will encourage participation by a wide range of people of all ages and abilities in garden-related activities. The competition was won by the Voigt Partnership Ltd for their proposal “The Leaf Room”.

The leaf room is constructed primarily in Natural Scottish Timber using Douglas Fir for all the main structural Elements (Columns, Rafters and Beams) and Scottish Larch for the external Cladding. The roof timbers are exposed internally allowing people to read the main structure inside the building, also revealing the main joints between primary beam and rafters. For the roof finish a light green Single Ply Membrane was chosen with carefully positioned fins to help create the leaf effect.

The building is uniquely 100% ”off grid” not requiring any service connections, and there are no electricity requirements due to the large amount of natural light coming into the building from the large windows and two sunpipes located at key points inside the two rooms. The building also contains a wood burning stove and rainwater is harvested from the roof and collected in a large container at the rear of the building to help water the garden.

A 3D animation of the project can be accessed below:

Ninewells Leaf Room interior

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