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In November 2010, Scottish Natural Heritage organised an event at Stirling High School, focusing on Biodiversity in School Grounds. This brought together a wide range of organisations to explore the opportunities for improving school grounds for health, nature, learning, play and social development.

Following the event, SNH have added a number of useful resources to their website, designed to help schools and school estate managers in thinking about designing with biodiversity in mind and on a budget. In addition, the organisation has provided a wealth of online resources, including information about how to carry out a site audit, ideas about how to enhance biodiversity in school grounds and case studies from schools which have already implemented some changes in their grounds.

Commissioned by SNH for this event, Mike Hyatt Landscape Architects have produced the Stirling High School Wildlife Garden Handbook. The report analyses the needs of the school for the use of outside space as a learning resource to meet the needs of Curriculum for Excellence. It goes on to provide a number of potential projects, with cost estimates, that the school could undertake in order to create areas of high biodiversity whilst at the same time delivering attractive spaces for students to enjoy.

Image:©Lorne Gill/SNH

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