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New, Old, Green

New, Old, Green delves into the world of Sustainable Architecture or ‘Green Architecture’ an approach to architectural design that emphasises the place of buildings within both local ecosystems and the global environment.

Originally designed by the Museum of Finnish Architecture this exhibition invited visitors to explore sustainability through words and images. The images showed how contemporary architecture seeks to minimise the negative environmental impact of buildings by improving efficiency and being clever about the use of materials, energy and space.


The exhibition proceeded from large to small, from landscape and community to individual buildings, interiors and details.


Part of the exhibition included ‘five pearls of wisdom’, which explored green issues as they relate to design, materials, building, use, demolition and recycling and how these interact and affect each other.

The exhibition asked key questions:

– What are the possibilities to live and build, now and in the future?
– Where and how should we build?
– Shall we move back to caves?
– What will cities of the future be like?
– Can the function of an old building be changed?
– Can you really build a house from recycled materials?
– Isn’t any residential area, district, village or city where people happily live and take care of each other a sustainable development?
– Would you like to live in a city of skyscrapers

This exhibition was displayed in Inverness in 2007 as part of the Six Cities Design Festival and was also brought to Sust. Gallery in The Lighthouse in 2010.

Materials Library Online Resource

A new online sustainable materials resource for construction professionals, architects, builders and home owners has been launched.

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