My Sust House game scoops BAFTA Award!

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My Sust House, a “beautifully designed and engaging” game, which was devised and commissioned by Sust. and designed by Screenmedia and John Gilbert Architects, scooped the Best Interactive Media Award in the 2006 Scottish 2006 Scottish BAFTAs.

Aimed at youngsters aged between 9 and 13 My Sust House introduces issues of sustainability in the built environment in a fun and friendly way. It can be played either individually or as a group. The Stern Review on the economic impact of climate change has put sustainability centre stage. If we are to engage the next generation in the fight to avoid the disaster scenario outlined in the report it is essential that we inspire them now. Developed as part of an education programme for Sust. My Sust House was created to link directly into aspects of the national curriculum, but can equally be played by families at home.

The game was developed for Sust. by Kenny Shaw and Ryan Kidd of Screenmedia and Duich Mackay and Paul Barham of John Gilbert Architects Lori McElroy, SUST Project Manager, said: “On an educational level My Sust House links directly into the National Curriculum. It aims to raise young people’s awareness of the importance of sustainable living, to demonstrate how each individual has a contribution to make and to show that we have to make difficult choices for a better world. As well as providing interesting information, the game stimulates discussion, presents problem-solving activities and provides a context for teamwork and decision-making. Above all, however, Screenmedia and John Gilbert Architects have created for us an exciting, interactive computer game that introduces the topic of sustainability in a fun way.”

Member of the BAFTA, Clare Scally, added “We were unanimously agreed that My Sust House ticked all the boxes in being a beautifully designed, engaging piece of work that charmed us as grown-ups, whilst being perfectly pitched at its target audience.” SUST. Is funded by the Scottish Executive as part of a commitment to raising awareness of the importance of sustainable living. Patricia Ferguson MSP, Minister for Tourism, Culture and Sport whose portfolio includes architecture and the built environment, said: “Scotland’s architecture is a reflection of the country’s outstanding cultural and natural environments.

The built environment is one of the main foundations for a high quality of life. It is important that a new generation recognises the importance of sustaining this environment in a responsible way.” There are three elements of My Sust House: The introduction movie Two characters explain what sustainability is all about and introduce the main terminology. Environment Explores ways to create a more sustainable environment. Subjects covered are: location of a house, saving energy, water, and waste. Player receives a printable certificate with their score. Building challenges We are challenged to build a sustainable house. In choosing their materials, players must take both cost and environmental sustainability into account. They have £100,000 to spend and the budget is displayed on screen. The sustainability meter is displayed at all times and varies according to the player’s choices.

Please note that the online games were developed using Flash, which is no longer supported. These games are now no longer available to play online and there are currently no plans to re-develop these games. (October 2021)


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