Mixed Use Development in a new Neighbourhood – Learning Point 95

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This learning point follows on from the learning point (87) published in April 2011 that established a working definition of mixed use development and principles to overcome specific barriers to delivering mixed use development. It explores the specific issues around delivering a mixed use neighbourhood at Dalmarnock Cross in Glasgow’s East End.

This learning point summarises the learning from the A+DS/Clyde Gateway URC event: Delivering Mixed Use Development In A New Neighbourhood that was held on 5 May 2011. Key conclusions that emerged included:

  • The South Dalmarnock Integrated Urban Infrastructure Framework is a good starting point but there is a need for more details and clarity on what will make the Dalmarnock Cross neighbourhood a distinctive place. The vision of a very sustainable higher density mixed use development focussing on the redeveloped Dalmarnock Railway Station was identified.
  • Widening the definition of ‘local economy’ to include other aspects of a place, such as community and business networks, quality of life, access to further education and training and connections to markets is essential. A high quality environment at Dalmarnock Cross which attracts people to the area either to work or live or both will include good public transport connections, public green space, access to the river and community sports facilities as part of the Commonwealth Games legacy and an emphasis on environmental conservation.

A third event in the form of a follow exchange visit to Centre for Local Economic Strategies in Manchester and study trip has now been undertaken to look at examples of mixed commercial use, mixed facilities in the public estate and mixed tenure. A summary report of lessons learned will be produced in late summer 2011.




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