Material of the Month – October 2016, Catcastle Grey Sandstone

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Why it inspired us…

With October being the month where Halloween makes its darkly presence known, it seemed only right to pay particular attention to Catcastle Grey Sandstone. It is quarried near the famously haunted Barnard Castle (home to over 100 paranromal sightings). The really spooky thing about this stone….. it’s not even grey.

Why we would like it to inspire you…

This natural sandstone has 90% silica content and is good for external paving along with areas of severe exposure such as sea or reservoir walls. In addition to this it is used for Ashlar walling, wall cladding, dressed or carved stone, rock faced walling, exterior steps and platts and internal flooring. It is abundant in supply and if maintained properly should be good for 75 years of good use.

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