Material of the month – March – Clashach Sandstone

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For March 2017, we bring you Clashach Sandstone.

Why it inspired us…

The month of March was the first month of the year prior to Julius Caesar’s calendar reform – Clashach is the first stone we have here in the library! March is named after Mars the god of war and it is a known fact that this is a very tough durable pink (ish) sandstone (ode to the red planet Mars). This stone has been quarried since 1846 on the Moray Firth Coast right up until the 1940’s where it ceased during the Second World War. It re-opened again in 1986 and is in use to this day. Back in the 1980’s acid rain was all the rage and it was literally falling from the sky, luckily this durable stone has a natural resistance to not only acid rain but salt, so its great for coastal reigons. This wasn’t the only inspiration to us. The Clashach Quarry is a place of special scientific interest with preserved sections of 270 fossilised Permo-Triassic reptilian trackways, BOOM!

Why we would like it to inspire you…

Clashach is a pale yellow buff, non-calcareous, medium grained new red sandstone from the Permean age. There is a progressive colour change from the buff to a yellow pink colour across the quarry. Clashach should be suitable for use in most aspects of construction including flooring, paving, load bearing masonry and cladding. The stone is suitable for areas where a long service life is needed.

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