Material of the Month – July 2017 – Lime Wood

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Why it inspires us…

Grinling Gibbons 1648 – 1721 was a Dutch British sculptor and wood carver known for his work in Windsor Castle, Hampton Court Palace and St. Paul’s Cathedral (commissioned by Sir Christopher Wren). Gibbons was later appointed as master carver to King George I. A member of the Drapers’ Company of London and widely regarded as the finest wood carver in England still to this day, with most of his work using Lime wood or Linden as its also known. Gibbons work commonly included peapods, and a myth claims that he would include a closed pod in his work only carving it open once he had been paid, so if you commissioned him and never paid, it remain closed so people could see what a cheapskate you were!

Why we would like it to inspire you…

Lime wood is an even pale yellow colour, which gradually darkens over time. It also has a beautiful natural lustre and is soft and light in weight. Lime woods excellent carving properties make it ideal for shallow chip carving. Seasoned lime is very stable and is soft enough to be carved and yet firm enough to hold precisely cut surface well. Lime stains well and has good bonding properties and is often used for indoor furniture. It can also be used for interior joinery such as panelling.

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