Material of the month – August – Woodstain

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Why it inspires us…

August is the hottest, sunniest month of the year, with everyone ready to burn their skin to attempt to outdo last summers tan. Suddenly reality hits… we are in Scotland and summer was actually a few days in May, which will be followed by another few days in September or October (Indian Summer).

Seeing all that rain outside made you wish you got out and protected that new shed or fence while the weather was dry, maybe even decorated that shabby wardrobe – the one with no real design merit (we wouldn’t suggest ‘upcycling’ a design classic now!). Wait, you’re in luck, it has stayed dry for two whole days and you just happen to have some woodstain, this is nice natural oil resin woodstain with orange oil added to it. You feel calm due to the natural oils making you relaxed, job done, rain tomorrow, it’s ok next year will be sunnier.

Why we would like it to inspire you…

Natural woodstain is a water based natural timber treatment for internal and external use that allows the wood to breathe and does not need stripping when re-coating. These water based woodstains come top compared to 22 other conventional and eco woodstains in the prestigious “Test magazine” in Germany (the equivalent to the which report). Very pure, containing no solvents, so they are brilliant to use in organic gardens and great to use on cots and toys and are widely used on beehives!

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