Local Design Review Panels Overview

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Download: A&DS Guide- All you need to know abut Local Design Review Panels

What is a Local Design Review Panel?

Local Design Review Panels support local authorities to improve the quality of the built environment. They discuss address design issues early in the pre-application planning stage, when there is still time for dialogue and changes.

Please download our Local Panel Guide via the link above for more information.

Who are the panellists?

Local Panels are entirely voluntary. Membership represents local knowledge and expertise, typically in areas such as architecture, urban design, landscape, public art, heritage and amenities, community engagement, planning and infrastructure.

Are you a panellist? This guide gives information on being an effective panellist: How to be an effective panel member_A&DS Guide. This includes good practice, the support we offer and other key resources.

What happens during a panel meeting?

Developers, design teams and planners engage in constructive discussion with panel members who use their locally based skills and knowledge to make objective contributions that are in line with local council policy and guidance. This advice can be used by project teams to develop proposals for reference during the decision-making process.

Panel Remits and Governance

Several Local Authority areas currently benefit from the input of Local Design Review panels. They consist of representatives from local interest groups. They broadly share the remit of informing the Planning process by contributing local context and views on the proposals being presented; details of their overall governance, however, will differ between each panel.

To find out more about Local Design Review in your area please click on the links below:

A&DS Support

Panels are local-led and we are not affiliated with any specific Local Panel. Rather, we help build confidence and capacity by offering advice and by facilitating the sharing of knowledge between the panels.

For more information on all of the above, please download our guide on Local Design Review Panels via the link above.

Private: Design Forum

Assisting those responsible for the development of the built environment by offering informed advice on the design quality of proposals.

Design Advice workshop guidance

Our Design Advice workshop Guidance document and with contact details for those seeking to learn more about our programme of work.

SERVICE: Health Design Advice

Our Health Design Advice service, delivered with Health Facilities Scotland, helps those who commission new, or substantially redeveloped, facilities.

SERVICE: Design Advice for Schools

A&DS offers a design support to education authorities offering an external view, peer support, facilitation and learning networks.

Design Forum Report: Dallas Dhu

A&DS Design Forum Report on workshop relating to Housing Masterplan for Dallas Dhu, Forres - a development on the edge of Forres, Moray.

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