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Panels support local authorities improve the quality of the built environment by helping to address design issues early on during the pre-application stage of planning, when there is still time for discussion and changes.

Developers, design teams and planners will engage in constructive discussion with panel members who use their locally based skills and knowledge to make objective contributions that are in line with local council policy and guidance. This advice can then be used by project teams to develop effective proposals, and can be referred to during the decision-making process.

A number of Local Authority areas currently benefit from the input of Local Design Review panels. While these panels differ in the details of their overall governance, they generally consist of representatives from a number of local interest groups, and broadly share the remit of informing the Planning process by contributing local context and views on the proposals being presented. To find out more about Local Design Review in your area please click on the links below:

(Page updated September 2018)

Download: Local Panel How to Guide September 2018

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