Listening to Scotland’s City people

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Arch+E is a collective of creative young people who have organised to understand the dynamics of Scottish cities from the point of view of people who live there. The collective is led by two students of architecture at University of Edinburgh, David Clark and Ross McArthur. They have pooled their own resources, with small amounts of help from collaborators and equipment from A&DS to develop the project.

In the summer of 2012, the collective collaborated with students of design and recent graduates in architecture and graphic design, to listen to the stories of citizens in each of the seven Scottish cities. This involved visiting each city, meeting people in their own environments and talking with them about how they see their place, what they would like the place to be for the life they lead.

The results of each interaction have been filmed, and a creative mapping exercise of each city undertaken. The video is below. The material is being processed and shared as an open resource on a web platform. The outline web platform, and a description of the project are available at:, and

The collective plan to review all the material collected and derive briefs for city interventions for further research and action projects.

Voices from Scotland’s Seven Cities: The Possibilities of Design with Citizen Particpation


Place and leadership

The cross-party group of the Scottish Parliament on Architecture and the Built Environment were presented with the findings of...

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