Learning from Place: Report of The Academy of Urbanism Congress 2011

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The Academy of Urbanism’s sixth Annual Congress took place in Glasgow in 2011 supported by Architecture and Design Scotland. The Congress focused on Liveable Neighbourhoods, looking at their Renaissance, Regeneration and Reconstruction, exploring their resilience in terms of economy and social capital. Themes explored include placemaking; the psychology of place; community, culture and identity; health and liveability and making things happen in a recession.

The Congress used the context of Glasgow as a ‘learning laboratory’ to inform seminars, workshops and visits, building on the backdrop of the city’s 30-year journey of transformation – from ‘the worst corner of Britain’ (Observer 1980) to ‘a fantastic world class city’ (Conde Naste)

A+DS curated three of the workshop sessions at the Congress on Health, Housing and Learning supported by the Urbanism, Schools, Health and Design Review Teams. A series of provocation papers were prepared to inform these sessions, with a summary paper which discusses the ideas of community and neighbourhood in a contemporary context. Following the Congress, A+DS compiled a report on the Congress. This draws together the themes from the Congress presentations, seminars, site visits and workshops, and blends critical thinking on contemporary urban policy to create a learning resource from the event.

The Congress report has now been published and is viewable below and available to download opposite, along with the Provocation Papers.

Details of the Congress programme 2011 are available at The Academy of Urbanism website.

A blog summarising the proceedings of the 2011 Congress is available to view here:-

Day 1 blog by Yasmin Ali

Day 2 blog by Yasmin Ali

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