Learning Estates Conference – Presentations and Videos available

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In March 2016 the Schools infrastructure Team at Scottish Government hosted the Learning Estates Conference, supported by Scottish Futures Trust and Architecture & Design Scotland. The purpose of the conference was to invite collaborative leadership from across the learning estate in Scotland to direct how best to maximise the benefit of future investment within the changing contexts of education and learning. The learning estate in Scotland is on a journey of change. Participants from across Scotland considered how this changing context is driving changes in the way people learn, looking at what have we achieved so far and what do we need to get to where we want to be?

A summary note from the event has been published here.

A special Vimeo Channel with videos of presentations from the event is available here:


A selection of presentations from the conference is available here:

Laura Mason, Chief Education Officer, at West Dumbartonshire Council

Donald McKay, Former Director of Education, Midlothian

Martin Hottass, UK Skills Partner, Siemens

David McEwan and Ian Robertson, Glasgow City Council

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