Local Authority Urban Design Forum (LAUDF) meeting – report

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A&DS is pleased to share outputs from the latest meeting of the Local Authority Urban Design Forum (LAUDF), held at the Lighthouse, Glasgow, on 3rd December 2015.

The attached newsletter and resource sheets cover the sixth meeting of the Forum – an afternoon packed with a mix of presentations and discussion workshops reflecting on progress, impacts and considering future directions for the forum. Co-chair Lesley McVeigh commented;

“Amongst the great ideas and comments that were expressed, there is a strong belief that the forum is still relevant particularly in view of reducing local authority budgets. We are keen to encourage more people to contribute to the steering group and to ensure that future forums are as successful as the sessions so far.”

The LAUDF is a network for local authority practitioners with an involvement in urban design to share ideas on current issues, learn from each other’s experience and build up resources that everyone can benefit from. The forum is being led by participants, with support from A&DS.

The next meeting scheduled for May 2016 on the topic of Street Design. If you would like to find out more about getting involved with the forum, please get in touch here.

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