The State of Landscape – landscape talent survey announced

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Landscape Institute announces major education and practice review

A major focus for the Landscape Institute is ensuring that the landscape profession develops the skills it needs to remain relevant and successful in the future. Many major external drivers and trends have an impact on landscape professionals. Urbanisation, climate change, technology, an ageing population, health and wellbeing, resource scarcity and inequality are just some of the issues on the horizon.

To this end, they are investing in a large, cross-discipline review of education and practice in not just landscape design, but all areas and specialisms of the profession spanning management, science, planning and urban design. A wide diversity of roles now exist in the sector, and the Landscape Institute wants new practitioners to be able and ready to meet these demands.

The project will run until December 2017, with the main survey running from 5 to 27 September. The State of Landscape will be the first study of its kind conducted since CABE and English Heritage commissioned the green space skills national employer survey in 2009.

Get involved

The Landscape Institute wants to hear from anyone – LI member or otherwise – who works in the natural and/or built environment sectors. This includes landscape managers and planners, ecologists, urban designers and place makers, engineers, heritage workers and conservationists, architects, researchers, town planners and surveyors.

To have your say in the State of Landscape research go to the Landscape Institute website to register your interest. 

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