Land of Stone Exhibition

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Material Considerations: Land of Stone exhibition showcases stone as a building material looking at the past, present and future possibilities for stone construction in Scotland.

The exhibition is split into 3 sections, starting with the formation of stone, looking at how the 3 different stone types are formed in Scotland. The quarrying process is then investigated with examples of how the quarried stone has been used over time in Scotland. The last area showcases some interesting recent stone buildings, investigating the sources and production process of stone products.


Scotland is a land of stone with an incredibly diverse geology that is directly reflected in the built environment. The fundamental geological properties of rock types from particular areas determine how that material can be shaped and utilised as a building stone. The nation’s geological diversity is therefore made apparent through local building materials and distinctive architectural styles, which account for local character and sense of place. The complex geological foundation of Scotland dates back nearly 4000 million years, revealing a prehistory of oceans opening and closing, volcanic activity, the formation of sedimentary basins, the development of ancient river systems and repeated glaciations. The rocks formed during these geological processes have been utilised in Scotland’s buildings since the Neolithic era, right up to the present day, giving Scotland a rich tradition of using stone as a building material, which has provided the nation with a unique identity.


This is the second in a series of exhibitions investigating sustainable construction products (Material Considerations), which will ultimately form the core of the Scottish Government funded Sust. Materials Library. The exhibition and resultant library will operate on a number of levels, and should appeal to young people, the public and professionals alike – whether as a resource for school and student projects, for those upgrading their homes or for designers working on large scale architectural projects.


The map below shows the location of the 7 case studies written to showcase stone techniques and features in recent Scottish buildings. These can be downloaded by clicking the dots on the map or the photos of the buildings in the right column.

This exhibition is a collaboration between Sust. (Architecture and Design Scotland’s Sustainability in Architecture Programme), The British Geological Survey and the Scottish Stone Liaison Group (now part of Historic Scotland).

Exhibition Information
Material Considerations : Land of Stone will run from Friday 1 April 2011 until mid October 2011
Entry Free
Sust. Gallery, Level 2, The Lighthouse, 11 Mitchell Lane, Glasgow. G1 3NU
Land of Stone Seminar
On the 14 October 2011, A seminar to celebrate to end of the exhibition will be held, to find out more infromation, click here.
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